Equipment List


Five-Axis Milling Machines

(1) Fooke Endura 905
X=292” Y=120” Z=60”
Fooke Endura 905
(1) Fooke Endura 905
X=200” Y=120” Z=60”
Fooke Endura 905
(2) Fooke Endura 700
X=120” Y=80” Z=60”
Fooke Endura 700
(2) Parpas Diamond
X=87” Y=59” Z=39”
Parpas Diamond
(1) FPT Dino
X=110” Y=62” Z=39”
(1) FPT Stinger
X=68” Y=55” Z=23”
FPT Stinger
(1) Droop & Rein FOG2500
X=98” Y=98” Z=41”
Droop & Rein FOG2500
(1) Fidia K165
X=40” Y=24” Z=20”
Fidia K165

(1) Mikron HPM 800U HD with Pallet Changer
X= 32” Y=32” Z=22”

Mikron HPM 800U HD with Pallet Changer


Three-Axis Vertical Machining Centers

(1) FPT Raid
X=78” Y=55” Z=31”

FPT Raid

(1) OKK MCV1060
X=88” Y=42” Z=32”


(1) OKK VM7
X=60” Y=29” Z=20”


(1) OKK VP9000
X=44” Y=36” Z=22”

OKK VP9000

(2) OKK VM511
X=40” Y=20” Z=20”

(1) Droop & Rein FSM1406
X=110” Y=55” Z=43”


(1) Droop & Rein FS130 SKE
X=95” Y=47” Z=36”



CNC Horizontal Machining Centers

(1) Kuraki KBH-16 with Rotary Table
X=78” Y=59” Z=51”

Kuraki KBH-16 with Rotary Table

(2) Toshiba BP110-P20
X=100” Y=65” Z=45”

Toshiba BP110-P20

(1) OKK HM1250S Twin-Pallet Rotary Table
X= 67” Y=56” Z=49”


(1) Tarus TPTCGD512S Gundrill
X=154” Y=60” Z=30”


(1) IMSA MF1200BBLL 7-Axis Gundrill
X= 80" Y= 40" Z= 20"

Kuraki KBH-16 with Rotary Table


CNC EDM Department

(1) Micron HSM400
7-Pallet Electrode Milling Machine
X=18” Y=16” Z=14”


(1) Roku Roku GR-65S
Electrode Milling Machine
X=24” Y=20” Z=20”


(1) Ingersoll 1300
4-Axis CNC Ram EDM
X=70” Y=35” Z=22”


(2) Charmilles Roboform 810
4-Axis CNC Ram EDM
X=42” Y=24” Z=20”

Charmilles Roboform 810

(1) Charmilles Roboform 55
4-Axis CNC Ram EDM
X=47” Y=31” Z=18”


(1) Hwacheon HiM-G1
Electrode Milling Machine
X= 30" Y= 24" Z= 20"

Charmilles Roboform 810

Quality Assurance

(1) DEA 2405 BETA CMM
X=100” Y=75” Z=40”


(1) Faro Platinum Arm
8’ Diameter Reach


(8) Five-Axis Probing Systems
3DSI and M&H Software Systems



Lifting Capacity

(22) Overhead Cranes to 20 Tons